Dedicated to the Western Allies in West Berlin (1945-1994)

Brief history of the three Brigades that served in Berlin:
US Army Berlin BrigadeBerlin Infantry BrigadeForces Françaises à Berlin

From 1945 to 1949 more than 100.000 allied soldiers served in Berlin. They came to occupy the former capital of the Third Reich but stayed as defenders to keep West Berlin a free city in the heart of the soviet occupied zone.

Although outnumbered and outgunned they withstood every challenge the communists put upon them.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the german reunification their mission was accomplished.

In 1994 the last units of the three western allies were deactivated and the last soldiers left the city. The city underwent lots of changes in the following years. Installations formerly occupied by the allies were converted for civilian use or even torn down.
As for 2005 most signs of this part of Berlin's history are gone.
This website is dedicated to preserving the memory of this important era and the role of the western allies in protecting the Freedom City.
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