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The Agryll and Sutherland Highlanders

The 1st Battalion of the Agryll and Sutherland Highlanders served in Berlin twice.
First elements of the battalion entered Berlin in January 1955 and the move was completed by the end of February. The Battalion was stationed in Montgomery Barracks.
It took part in the Queen's Birthday Parade at the Olympic Statium and pulled guard duty at the Spandau Prison.
Exercises were held in the Grunewald (including crossing of the Havel River), the American and French secotrs as well as on ranges in Western Germany.
In July 1956 the Battalion left Berlin.

During March and April 1969 the Battalion returned to Berlin. With the wall now dividing the city it was faced with the new duty of Border Patrols.
Montgomery Barracks were again the home of the Battalion but the border to the GDR which still went through the compound was now overlooked by guard towers.

In July 1970 the Battalion left Berlin to serve in the UK.